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“What inspired me to join was being able to work with interesting technology in an international environment, and being able to contribute to something meaningful.”

James - Cloud Engineer

We are now seeking the knowers and doers of today to join our global team of experts. Perhaps you’re the one? Check below for open positions or leave an open application. Apply now and make a difference.

The culture.

It is fulfilling to work alongside individuals who are committed to finding solutions that will ultimately advance healthcare on a global scale.

DeShan - Accessioning Specialist

We want you to be you. Diversity and respect are the corner stones of our culture. Trust and encouragement within our community empower us to innovate and achieve amazing things.

Limitless opportunities to grow

“I adore the blending of tech and science in bioinformatics, an amazing field I fell for little by little.”

Sohrab - Bioinformatics Software Developer

Built from the ground up, our global genetic testing company has grown quickly with the expertise and commitment of our exceptional people.

Want to be part of strengthening a culture of quality?

“What motivates me is being part of something bigger and knowing that the people I work with share a common goal. Together, we can help find answers that impact people’s lives.”

Fábio - Geneticist

Careers in Technology.

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